About the memorial

In late September of 2020, we created a homemade memorial on our backyard fence to commemorate those our county, state, country, and world have lost due to COVID-19. On November 5th, our COVID-19 Memorial was vandalized. We were saddened by this, but still determined to pay tribute to the tragic loss of life.

So we reached out to friends & neighbors to help us rebuild. And wow, did they come through for us! By Sunday, November 15th we had an entirely new memorial up, with contributions of new emblems and cleaning of the old. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the help we got: the new, improved memorial proves that love will overcome hate.

Of course, the pandemic is far from over. Sadly, it is clear we will need many more emblems before this virus runs its course. If you would like to contribute, please check the instructions below.

And for goodness sake, WEAR A MASK.


If you would like to contribute, please provide an emblem to add to our memorial. Your emblem will represent 1 Larimer death, 40 Colorado deaths, 4,000 US deaths, and 200,000 deaths worldwide.

Your emblem doesn’t have to look like ours. We would appreciate it, however, if you kept to the following guidelines:

Keep it flat & on paper so we can staple it to the fence.

It should be about 8-12”; it doesn’t have to be circular.

We can laminate your work, if needed.

Nothing political, please.

Please bring it to 1601 Trailwood Dr, Fort Collins CO and leave it on our front porch.

Thank you for your help.

We will get through this together with courageous love.

Questions or comments? email memorial@drsteen.com